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Pankration Sports Balm

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We decided to give our spartans the right solution for their pain caused by bruises, dislocations, contusions, and other injuries to bone and muscle tissue.
A 100% natural solution.
Our pankration sports balm is made from comfrey macerated oil and arnica flower, enriched with an excellent synergistic combination of essential oils.
Our sports balm relaxes stiff muscles by acting as a muscle relaxant and has an anti-inflammatory effect at the site of application. In addition, the combined action of essential oils provides increased micro-circulation at the site of injury, lymphatic effect, and analgesia without adverse effects.
It is suitable for relaxing muscles and relieving pain before and after physical activity.
Ingredients: comfrey macerated oil, arnica oil, Cera alba, lanolin, camphor, menthol, essential oils: mint, eucalyptus, pepper, juniper, evergreen, vitamin e.

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