Spring/Summer 2020 Trends

The Future Of Fashion

Well this season we have seen the boho look take center stage and enough frilly dresses to last us a lifetime but what's coming up for next season in the trend world i hear you ask? Well were in the midst of buying season at Blue Water and were about to bring you some of the hottest trends for next Spring straight from the fashion shows. We’ve also got some news on the future of the industry that is starting to play a major part in the way we as a business and you as a customer buy our clothing.

A New look On Workwear

Yes its one of the latest trends to start to emerge in women’s fashion and we love it! Loose jackets over fitted trousers and lightweight unstructured denim jackets and jumpsuits have appeared across collections at both PURE LONDON and throughout our showroom visits. Small design details have been made on these classic and somewhat masculine styles to add a more feminine look and we think this is definitely worth investing in for spring 2020.

Stripes For Spring

Another key trend that has been clear whilst buying this season has been clean patterns. Stripes have had a clear impact on our brands collections with certain recent media coverage promoting stripes dresses and culottes. What we like most about this trend is how easy it is to dress up or down, a striped dress looks great with clean white trainers for an everyday outfit and then a pair of heels for a ready to go date night outfit.

The Colour For Spring

Every season there are so many different colour capsules that creep in but one that stood out whilst we was looking for something to brighten up the rails in spring was the Lime and Khaki combination. On our recent visit to Barbour (more on that in our next blog) we found sharp limes where used next to smooth khaki pieces to lift the dull persona of the end of autumn and bring us into early spring with a bang. We love this combo as it gives us the strong colour we need next to our skin at the end of winter and its also a nod towards a sporty look especially in the outerwear.

Sustainability Is The Future

What's clear to us at Blue Water is the huge dedication by all our brands to take big steps forward in making fashion sustainable. And its something that is close to our hearts that we’ve strived for when building Blue Water, as we based our stores on the love we have for the ocean. Below is a video that explains how companies within the fashion industry are implementing new fabrics to become more sustainable whilst not compromising on style or quality of garments. In summary its on all of us, customers and businesses to make the efforts to change the fashion industry and in turn become a more sustainable planet and at Blue Water we feel we have bought the right collections to help you buy your stylish sustainable wardrobe.