Our focus on Sustainability

Sustainability in store

Windmill in field
As a small business, how can we reduce our impact on the planet?
Taking the small but important steps are paramount to us and our values as a company. We are dedicated to doing our bit and approaching every area of our contribution with a responsible mindset.
As part of our commitment, we only provide reusable paper bags, we recycle in store, and most importantly we stock responsible brands. Brands who’s values align with ours.
Such brands that produce high quality products using recycled, sustainable and organic fabrics to reduce the carbon footprint of everyone involved in the supply chain.
We use responsible brands who use responsible fabrics such as sustainable cotton and sustainable viscose, organic cotton, recycled polyester and recycled plastic water bottles, just to name a few.


Why sustainability?

Well, why not?
Did you know that clothing and textiles are almost 100% recyclable?
Good quality clothes made from sustainable materials are kinder to the planet. Reducing their footprint, in turn
reducing ours and yours.
That’s why sustainability.

Here's some of our selected Sustainable products.