Build a Holiday Capsule Wardrobe With Us

First things first, What is a capsule wardrobe?


The purpose behind a capsule wardrobe is to maintain a collection of essential and classic pieces that can be mixed and matched. It is a practice of personalising your wardrobe with items you love and that fit your lifestyle but on a small scale.


Now this isn’t achievable for everyone’s every day closets for most for many reasons. However, it is a useful practice for packing for holidays and keeping under that 22kg baggage limit.


For a holiday Capsule Wardrobe, same rules apply. You must love and wear every piece, all tops must match all bottoms and most importantly have less clothing but more outfit options with quality pieces.


This is an example of the clothing and accessories you would take with you for a Summer city break.

Everything matches and can be worn together.capsule closet


These are just a few of the outfits you could make from this capsule wardrobe.

capsule outfits


Pros for a Holiday capsule wardrobe

  • Save money
  • Quality over quantity
  • You Can support good companies
  • Better for the environment
  • Less stress on what to wear
  • More time to enjoy your holiday


Tips for building your Holiday capsule wardrobe

  • Use black, white, or blue as a base
  • Use only 2 accent colours
  • Choose right size and fit for you
  • Choose clothes for your type of holiday
  • Spend on quality, not quantity
  • Make sure all pieces interchange


Build your holiday capsule wardrobe with us, we have so many classic and great quality pieces perfect for creating endless stylish and practical outfits. All pieces above available on our website.


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